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        Here is how We Work and the rules you Must Follow

    At Mid-Michigan Adult Cleaning Services, we believe that our client should be delighted with our work and our presence. Our Maids enjoy what they do and take a great deal of pride in cleaning your home or office. As if it was there very own and doing it in the most entertaining fashion possible.


  ***All maid must need least have a 72 hours notice when being book.  To have time to get everything set up and ready for your enjoyment.***


  Our Terms of Service provides simple guidelines to help us ensure that you enjoy a wonderful experience with our maids and butlers.


Terms of Service

1. No touching. We are not an out call for sexual services or soliciting sex for money. Violation of this policy will not be tolerated and will most likely result in discontinuing service to you with no refund, and the maid or butler risks losing the ability to work with us. We want to keep what we do a pleasurable experience for all but within legal limits.

2. Please keep all pets secured away from the area in which the maid is working.

3. Any precious or irreplaceable items should be secured away from the area in which the maid is cleaning. We do our best to be as careful as if we were cleaning our own homes, but accidents occasionally happen and we cannot be responsible for irreplaceable items.

4. Generally if there are more than two people present when the maid is working, a second maid or an escort will be required to give the maid a sense of safety. You will be asked at the time of booking how many will be present and, if more than two, we will work out the details with you before the cleaning.  Please ask about our party rates if you wish for us to entertain more people at a time.

5. No minors are to be present when the maid is cleaning unless you hire a straight clean (fully clothed). The nature of our entertainment is geared to adults. We gladly will clean your home fully clothed if minors are present .

6. We ask that you do not drink excessively while the maid is present or consume illegal substances. The maid will not be allowed to indulge while working, so please do not extend that invitation.

7. We provide our own cleaning supplies unless you prefer that we use yours. We ask that you have a working vacuum cleaner available if vacuuming is necessary.

8. Photography of the maid or butler is only acceptable if it is approved by them. Details should be worked out before the cleaning session.

This may sound like a lot of rules, but we feel by making these things clear from the start both you and your maid will be able to have a great cleaning session. We want this to be fun for both of you.

We respect your privacy and are most discreet. Your maid will arrive in street clothes and will need a couple of minutes to get dressed (or undressed) once they are safely inside your home or office.



  By booking with us, you agree to these terms of service and a copy will be presented to you upon the maid’s arrival at your home or business.

Mid-Michigan Cleaners