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 Are you sitting there wish i had a sexy person to come and do some light cleaning?


Wish you could have that fantasy come true of someone cleaning a very special way.

  Then this is your chance to have it all with whip cream on top. What could be better than sitting back and watching someone else cleaning your house or office for you? The only thing that we can think of is if that person is doing the cleaning topless or nude.

   This is what makes Mid-Michigan Adult Cleaning Services better than most other maid services , in addition to doing the best job of cleaning possible.

  We have sexy maids available to do your cleaning in a sexy French Maid uniform, in Daisy Dukes and a tank top, or in a bikini and very more.  For those who want the deluxe cleaning service, our maids are available to clean for you topless or completely nude.

  So what is better than having someone else cleaning for you? Is when that someone is a topless  or a nude and making that steamy fantasy come true.


    Feel free to look around our Mid-Michigan Adult Cleaning Services website. Check out all of the maids that we have available for straight cleaning, costume, and  topless cleaning or nude cleaning.

   We are sure that once you try our service, you will be amazed of two things. They really do a great cleaning job. An our ladies look really good doing it.

So if you have never had a topless maid or a nude maid working for you? Then you just haven't lived yet.

You might say some of our customers are men, but we are happily available to provide cleaning services for women and for couples as well.

We leave all of our customers with a clean space and a smile on their face - and all we do is clean.


So Book your Maid today

**Note: When booking your maid please allow a 72 hour notice  or extra fee may apply.**